5 Smart Benefits of Stainless Steel Kitchen Appliances

Modern stainless steel appliances are long lasting and durable compared to regular ones that are prone to wear or dent with even a minor weight. Most of the homeowners and commercial spaces such as restaurants are opting for these appliance categories due to their rugged and easy to clean surfaces. Almost all home and kitchen gadgets are now available in stainless steel materials.

Though they are a bit costly, the benefits offered are worth the investment. This is the reason why people are turning towards this category. Despite their long life, they need to be handled with care. In case, any of the stainless steel appliance fails to work, one will need to call an expert appliance repair professional in Oakville for inspection and service.


Stainless Steel Kitchen

Few advantages offered by stainless steel appliances are:

1. Easy To Clean

Cleaning up the blemishes on stainless steel surfaces is not at all a hard task, due to the comfort offered by this material. One can easily wipe up the surfaces with a wet cloth and polish the dull surfaces using a clean rag. In order to maintain the sparkling and tidy looks, clean the appliance using mixture of mild soap and warm water. For better cleaning results, use special cleaners and polishes that are meant to work on stainless steel materials.

2. Long Lasting

The most burdened appliances in a home are the kitchen ones that are designed to withstand the commotion of an entire home. Installing stainless steel refrigerator will prevent scratches that may occur during accidental collisions. Moreover, it is both stain and rust resistant, thereby, doesn’t cause any mess.

3. Germ Resistant

Stainless steel is a non-porous material, which means that it can resist the constantly growing bacteria and germs in a much better way. This makes it a perfect choice for homeowners who are concerned about the health and hygiene of their children and pets. Modern steel dishwashers can be cleaned and sanitized easily using a good quality disinfectant cleaner.

4. Matches Any Decor

These appliances come in variety of colors, styles and designs to complement the interior looks of a home. No matter, your home kitchen is composed of wooden cabinets or modern designs, stainless steel appliances can blend seamlessly with any surface.

5. Coordinates Easily

With increasing popularity of stainless steel, finding small coordinating gadgets like blenders, mixers, and toasters that looks similar to the previously installed home appliances have become easy. One can choose to install stainless steel sink or faucet to experience the benefits of a stain-free kitchen.

These were the few benefits of installing stainless steel appliances. Do try to choose these materials over others, whenever going to buy a new appliance. Appliance Repair Oakville is a leading company that offers top-notch solutions for home and kitchen appliance installation, repair and maintenance services at budgeted costs.

Why Relying On a Professional Appliance Repair Technician in Oakville


Appliance repair technician

When it comes to repair a faulty refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher or a dryer, you need a person who has an extensive knowledge and experience of years. Whether you have a new or old kitchen appliance, you will eventually run into problems. Sometimes, some homeowners take the repair service into their own hands and perform their own appliance repair. They may don’t know that it is a risky endeavor.

When your dryer or other appliances break down, there is no doubt that a professional appliance repair technician can perform the most efficient repair job. When you hire a professional, he should be certified, experienced and insured. If you have a knowledgeable and experienced professional, there is a high probability of completing the repair job in the most effective manners. Here are numerous reasons to hire a professional appliance repair technician in Oakville.

1. Some work can be dangerous: Home or kitchen appliances run on electricity or some of them need to tap into gas lines. As a novice, there is nothing worse than handling a project without proper knowledge. A wrong move can put yourself or your family members into danger. If you don’t have knowledge, don’t play with your faulty appliance. It is better to leave repair job to a professional.

2. Correct tools and equipment: It is good that you know how to fix the issue with a malfunctioning refrigerator. But to repair it, you need proper tools and equipment. It is not a secret that a professional have all the latest tools needed to repair your appliances. If they don’t have a right tool, they know where to get it immediately.

3. Knowledge and experience: Trained professionals always have extensive knowledge and experience of many years. They are capable to handle any kind of appliance, it does not matter that which brand you use. They will diagnose the problem quickly and fix it for you.

4. Save time and money: Every homeowner is not specialize in appliance repair service. If you are one of them and try to fix the issue on your own, it will take a long time to fix than a professional. By mistake, if you have done a wrong job, it will cost you more to get the appliance back in working condition.

5. Avoid injury: Hiring an appliance repair professional is a good idea to avoid injury. If you are one of them who try to perform appliance repair service on their own, you may get injured. You can perform small repair services, but when it comes to repair large appliances, call a professional.

Hiring a professional appliance repair technician will not only save your time and money, but also provides you a warranty on his work. At Appliance Repair Oakville, we proudly serve appliance repair service in Oakville. To learn more about our services, contact us today.

5 Mistakes People Make With Their Washers

Washers are one of the those appliances that are helpful in reducing work load. In cold winter months, washing clothes with hand can turn out to be a terrible experience. Moreover, it takes a whole day to dry them manually. In contrast, washing laundry in a washer is a pretty easy job. A washing machine is helpful, till it functions properly. To avoid repairs and failure, its advised to maintain and use it with care. One can call appliance repair technicians, in case a washer is operating improperly.

Few things to be avoided while working with this appliance are:

1. Overloading

It is one of the common mistake which people usually do to save time. They tempt to load the washing machine beyond its loading capacity. An overloaded machine can lead to failures and unclean clothes. If there are more clothes than needed, the water and detergent will not be able to reach every corner. Moreover, excessive dirt will get trapped that can block the vent hoses.


Washer Repair

2. Using too much detergent

Many people think that more detergent means more foam and better cleaning. It’s really a wrong practice. To offer best cleaning results, its advised to follow the detergent directions and measures. Excess washing powder can lead to wrinkled and unclean clothes. If you think the clothes you put inside the washer are less, use less detergent.

3. Sticking to same cycles and settings

There are many individuals who doesn’t change the wash cycle settings based on the fabric. There are many settings such as hard, delicate, regular, default and others. Do remember, a similar rise cycle doesn’t fit all fabrics. Therefore, its necessary to explore all settings and options, so as to choose an effective cycle for various clothes. Select more than one rinse cycles for bulky and highly soiled clothes.

4. Forgetting to flush out dispensers

Another hefty mistake is forgetting to clean the dispenser outlets. A washing machine dispenser is used to add fabric softener and detergent. Every appliance has at least one dispenser that needs to be cleaned after every use. An unclean outlet can cause bad odors and residue build up. To avoid this problem, its necessary to clean it.

5. Not replacing rubber hoses with braided ones

An important thing that can prevent a water hose from burning is to replace the rubber ones with braided. In case, you forget to close the hot water outlet, braided hoses can help in preventing damages. These hoses are more durable compared to rubber ones and doesn’t crack, dry or split easily.

These were the few mistakes which people often make while using washers. Appliance Repair Oakville is a leading company that offers 24/7 hours emergency home appliance repair and maintenance services in Oakville at affordable costs.

5 Top Tips to Increase Refrigerator Efficiency

Refrigerator is the most common appliance that is found in every home. Though it has a good life, it is not guaranteed that it will run with same efficiency for whole of its life. Regular maintenance is something which is needed by every appliance to work properly. The other way to increase efficiency is using an appliance in appropriate way or up to a level its designed for. Following the user manual instructions, can help in reducing the need of refrigerator repairs and cutting the energy bills.

Few easy ways to increase efficiency are:

1. Vacuum the Back

Cleaning is the first ever solution, when it comes to increasing the performance of a fridge. Exterior vacuuming is much more crucial compared to interior one. In order to vacuum, pull the appliance away from the wall and clean it. Most of the dust and dirt gets trapped on the condenser coils which are located behind the fridge. Once they are cleaned, the heat can be carried away easily without any resistance, thereby, causing motor to work less hard. This will result in decreasing the energy costs to a good extent.


Refrigerator Efficiency

2. Check the Door Seal

Loose door seals can result in loss of cooling and increased internal moisture. To check the seals, take a thin piece of paper and hold it next to the closed door, to see if it flutters. Try to insert the paper from the area of closing, if it passes inwards, this mean the seals are loose. Refrigerator seals are either of rubber or plastic material and can be replaced easily. If you find the replacement procedure complex, hire an appliance repair technician Oakville.

3. Cover Everything

Foods kept in fridge always carry moisture with them. Most possibly, the uncovered foods can cause moisture buildup and the compressor have to work twice harder to remove that moisture. Moreover, keeping the freezer open for a longer time can cause the outside air to enter inside, that can lead to more work for compressor. This ultimately leads to higher bills. For more efficiency, open the fridge at less as possible.

4. Let the Food Cool Before Putting it

Though it’s a matter of common sense, many of us don’t follow it. When someone is getting late for going out and the breakfast is hot to eat, he often practice the wrong method of keeping the dish inside to get it cooled down. Few people, are in habit of storing warm dishes for preservation. This causes the refrigerator to work double harder. Its advised to let the food cool down properly before placing it inside for storage.

5. Fill Empty Space with Water

Many of you wont believe, but an empty fridge uses more electricity compared to filled one. If there is quite empty space in your refrigerator, fill it with soda bottles or juice containers. This will help in keeping things cold and the fridge will not have to work hard.

These were the few easy tips that can help a refrigerator to perform efficiently. Oakville Appliance Repair is a leading company that offers a wide range of high quality and reliable home appliance troubleshoot and maintenance solutions including refrigerator repair service in Oakville.

Top 5 Benefits of Appliance Repair Services

Everyone wants to live a stress free life that’s full of convenience and comfort. The key elements that aim to offer a lavish lifestyle are home appliances. Along with great functionalities and features they help to reduce manual hard work and saves a lot of time. They also provide huge support in running the everyday tasks in a smooth manner.

As properly working gadgets offer many benefits, a faulty appliance can cause a lot of discomfort. It tends to break the routine schedule of a family. Therefore, to relieve this stress, its crucial to get the faulty components repaired, as soon as possible, by an appliance repair service provider.

Need Of Appliance Repair Service

Advantages offered by expert technicians are:

1. Saves money: For every malfunctioning gadget, it’s not the right solution, to spend money for buying a new one. Suppose, if a refrigerator isn’t working properly instead of selling it to a junk company, hire a technician to inspect into the matter. A skilled professional, can find a better troubleshoot solution for every faulty component or problem area. The charges he’ll ask for, will be quite low as compared to the cost of buying a new gadget.

2. Convenience: The convenience offered by professional repair companies is unbelievable. All that needs to be done is, search a local company on web that offers such services. Get their number and address from their business website and place a call. Majority of firms provides 24 hours emergency and same day repair services. Ask them about the time, they’ll take to reach and everything is done. Leave the rest on the experts who’ll visit your place to offer services.

3. Experienced: The team members of a professional appliance repair company Oakville are highly skilled, licensed and insured. Such experts can easily handle typical repairs and can troubleshoot an appliance in the most efficient way. The services offered are great and one doesn’t feel a need to point out a finger on the solutions granted by them.

4. Comprehensive solutions: In case, your microwave broke down and other day the washer didn’t turned on. You need not have to search for another company who’ll come and mend the other gadget. Hiring a good repair firm guarantees to stay with their words, means they’ll attend their clients at any hour of the day and will offer comprehensive solutions for all maintenance needs.

5. Safety: Offering DIY repairs to electrical devices isn’t safe at all. They are meant to be troubleshooted only by a trained electrician or technician. An appliance service provider prioritize safety before starting the repair process, so as to eliminate the serious dangers of electrocution. They are always dedicated to offer safe and reliable mending solutions.

Almost every home-owner might have experienced sudden breakdown of their home appliances. In order to avoid replacements and to save money, it’s a best decision to hire a repair firm that provides regular maintenance solutions to various electronic gadgets.

Appliance Repair Oakville is a leading company that offers wide range of troubleshooting and maintenance solutions to all home appliances at affordable prices.

Top Tips For Washer and Dryer Repair


Dryer and Washer Repair

Almost all homeowners rely on dryers and washers for cleaning their clothes. Any of these improper working appliance can cause a lot of discomfort and inconvenience. To ensure that they keep functioning properly, its important to maintain them. A homeowner should be well acknowledged of all the techniques involved in cleaning and troubleshooting a washing machine.

Few of the maintenance tips are:

1. Replace water supply hoses

Hoses are pipe openings that are used to fill the washer with water. With time and usage, they are prone to become brittle. A damaged or cracked hose can allow water to leak out and flood the laundry room. To prevent this problem, its necessary to inspect the washer hoses for any cracks or stiffness. If needed, replace the worn out rubber hoses with stronger ones.

2. Prevent and remove odors

Bacteria and mold can develop inside a washer, if its not allowed to dry properly after every use. For top-loading washers, keep the lid opened to ensure faster drying. For front-loading washers, take a clean towel and rub it inside the drum, so as to soak water droplets which are left after the drain cycle.

3. Clean the dryer vent

To maintain efficiency of cleaning, its advised to clean the lint tray after every dryer cycle to prevent  fire hazards. The dryer vent should be cleaned every 6 months to ensure more protection and safety. To follow the cleaning process, disconnect the exhaust pipe and vacuum clean the vent pipe to remove as much lint as possible.

4. Check the material of dryer vent

Before using the vacuum cleaning technique, find out the material a dryer vent is made of. If its manufactured using white vinyl tubing, replace it with aluminum one as vinyl materials are more prone to fire as compared to aluminum. One should consult a dryer repair professional Oakville, to find out the safest dryer vent available in market that meets all the fire safety standards.

Troubleshooting Washer and Dryer Problems:

Problem I. Washer rattles during the spin cycle

This problem is often faced due to unbalanced load of clothes that can force a washer to shake and rattle during the spin cycle. An easy solution to this problem is, distribute the load evenly in the spin tub. If you find that the machine isn’t leveled properly, adjust its feet with a wrench.

Problem II. A Leaky washer

Front-loading washers are more prone to leaks and therefore, needs a tight seal to prevent water leakage. If there’s any sort of water pooling on the floor, the gasket may have loosened up or isn’t sealed tightly. To deal with this issue, clean them to remove any build up which may be impelling them from closing. If the leak continues, either replace the gasket or call an appliance repair expert to look into the situation.

Problem III. The dryer produces little heat

Poor performance of a dryer may be because of low airflow. Avoid overloading the drum, as proper space is required for effective movement of air. A little heat can be the result of a broken heating element, ignition or thermal fuse which requires skilled technician for replacement or repairs.

These were the few problem areas of washers and dryers along with repair solutions and maintenance tips. Appliance repair Oakville is a reputed company that offers a wide range of installation and troubleshoot solutions for all home appliances in Oakville at affordable prices.

3 Easy Dishwasher Rack Fixes and Hacks – Appliance Repair Oakville


Dishwasher Racks

A dishwasher rack is designed to serve for few years compared to life of a washer itself. The coated wire racks inside it tends to develop problems soon after the warranty period of one or two years passes away. Once it starts to corrode, there is need to repair and maintain it with utmost care to avoid more damages. If not maintained properly, it may ask for costly appliance replacement spare parts depending upon the brand and model of the dishwasher.

Some fixes for common rack issues are:

1. Protect Rusted Areas

A dish rack is usually coated with vinyl coating to protect it from rust. With regular usage, this coat may wear away, leaving the underneath metal to have direct contact with hot water and steam. This can lead to rusting mechanism which degrades the life of a dish rack. The rust elements may get onto the utensils during wash cycle that can risk the health and hygiene of a family. There is need to fix the rusted spots with a specialized rubber or silicone coating that can protect it from further corrosion.

2. Repair Damaged Spikes

With prolonged usage, the rack tines or spikes may crack away, which often risks dishes for damage during wash cycles. Don’t ignore the cracked or rusted tips of the tines, as these cracks may turn into larger ones that can damage the spikes. Order or purchase a dishwasher repair kit that consists of a vinyl repair paint along with rubber tips that are manufactured to slip over the ends of the tines. Apply these rubber products to ensure a smooth and rust free tine surface. Then, apply the vinyl paint over them to ensure more protection and new looks.

3. Fix Sliding Racks

In most of the dishwashers, the rack slide out on its own as soon as the door is opened. It often consists of a series of wheels or rollers that help a rack to move within a track by sliding in and out. If the brackets that hold the track in place are damaged or loose, the rack won’t remain at its place. In few cases, gravity can be the cause of unwanted movement. If a dishwasher is placed at a tilted position, the rack may roll out whenever the door is opened. The solution for this problem is adjusting the appliance in a proper manner.

Damage to dish racks doesn’t always point for replacing the whole dishwasher. These were the few easy fixes for damaged racks. If none of these fixes work, then there’s need to call a dishwasher repair expert to solve out the issue. Appliance Repair Oakville is a renowned company that offers a wide range of appliance installation, maintenance and repair solutions at affordable costs in Oakville.

5 Quick Dishwasher Tips Helps To Work Efficiently | Appliance Repair Oakville

dishwasher-repair-300x200A dishwasher has turned up as a must have kitchen appliance. It not only saves hard work but also helps in sparing time. It can save 6-7 hours a week which would have got wasted washing dishes by hand at least twice a day. It offers a considerable chunk of family time each week, which makes it quite worthy.

Modern dishwashers are designed with an aim to dissolve tension as well as greasy dishes. But they are of advantage only till they work well. So, its advised to maintain these washers so as to save time and reduce work load.

Few tips that are helpful in avoiding dishwasher repairs are:

1. Remove food: An important tip that should always be kept in mind is to remove as much food as possible before putting dishes in the dishwasher. Scrape the leftover food in a garbage disposal or a bin after you have finished eating. This will avoid less food to get caught in the washer filter.

2. Pre rinsing: Pre rinsing is not so important and is a personal decision based on the model of the appliance and the type of detergent you use. But its recommended rinsing the oily dishes before loading them for a wash. Detergents are made to remove residue, and that’s the reason rinsing is not so necessary.

b000gcpzu2_cascade_201310085_4627_lg3. Detergent: A detergent can enhance or degrade the cleaning efficiency. A cheap quality washing powder can cause a build up inside the washer. Before using a detergent for first time, try a little amount of it to check how it works on dishes.

4. Loading: The manner of loading a dishwasher makes a big difference to its cleaning efficiency. Plates and pans should be loaded on the bottom rack with dirty side facing inwards. Cutlery should be placed in the cutlery holder facing upside. Put the cups, glasses and bowls on the top rack facing down. Large utensils should be put on the sides or back of the bottom rack. Avoid blocking or breaking the water dispenser and washer arms.

5. Rinse agent: A rinse agent is used for rinsing away any leftover detergent and food residue. It also helps in drying the dishes and reducing water spots. A good quality rinse detergent or vinegar can be used for good results.

These were the 5 helpful dishwasher maintenance tips that can be considered for better cleaning efficiency. Appliance Repair Oakville is a renowned company that offers highly reliable troubleshoot solutions for all types of home appliances.

4 Tips To Maintain High Efficiency in Washing Machines | Appliance Repair Oakville

depositphotos_22620507_xsNowadays, typical old washers are being replaced with modern and high efficiency washing machines that uses less water, detergent and consumes less energy. Owing such an efficient machine requires utmost maintenance and care to perform properly. It’s extremely important to clean it after every use, to avoid costly one time services.

It is also advised to follow the user manual to find the proper amount of detergent and softener that should be used to avoid any build up in the machine. If a washer is causing serious problem or isn’t performing as desired, then there is need to call an appliance repair company Oakville to find out the main reason for its malfunctioning.

Few tips that can help in keeping a machine clean and odor free are:

1. The Drum: It is a crucial part which is responsible for proper functioning of a washer. It is important to clean the drum from the interior along with the doors. A good quality cleaner can be used for better results. Sprinkle the cleaner onto the drums and doors and use a cloth to wipe it for thorough cleaning.

2. The Rubber Seal: You can find a rubber seal around the doors which is used for the closing purpose. Clean that rubber seal to remove any dust or dirt. To do this properly, first clean it from outside and then pull the seal out and clean it from beneath. Vinegar solution or bleach can offer good results. Use any of them to clean the grim where seal was put on.

3. The Detergent Tray: For efficient cleaning, the detergent tray should be kept clean. In order to clean it, remove the tray pieces from the washer and soak them in a bucket full of hot and soapy water. You can even add bleach into hot water to remove any mold growth or lint. This is a simple process and doesn’t consume much time.

4. The Detergent Compartment: Most of the high efficiency washing machines consists of a detergent compartment which should be kept clean. To clean this compartment properly, a spray bottle filled with vinegar can be used. Spray vinegar over the compartment and use a clean and dry cloth to wipe that solution.

5. The Clean Cycle: After cleaning all these components, allow the machine to run on the clean cycle to provide complete cleaning. Hot water or a specifically designed product for cleaning purpose can be used for good results.  

washer-repair-update-250x150These were the few tips to maintain a modern washer. Following these tips regularly can help in enhancing performance of a high efficiency washing machine. You’ll need to hire an appliance repair professional, if it isn’t working well despite of regular maintenance.

Appliance Repair Oakville is a leading company that offers wide range of appliance troubleshoot solutions including emergency repair services in Canada.

4 Tips To Fix a Leaking Refrigerator – Appliance Repair Oakville

fridge-leakingA leaky fridge is a sign indicating that something is going wrong with it. Most home-owners reaction to this problem is to call in for professional appliance repair services. They are not at all concerned to look into the problem at their own at least once. If you don’t count yourself among those who practice do-it-yourself techniques, then calling an expert is a good idea. Your refrigerator isn’t going to fix by its own, therefore you need to follow few simple tricks to diagnose the cause of problem before calling professionals.

Here we mention some tips which may be helpful to fix your leaking refrigerator

Make Sure Your Fridge is Properly Sealed:  Most of the times, the cause of a leaking fridge is never a leak. It may not be sealing properly, and therefore running overtime to keep things cool. This can result in excessive condensation of the coils, which in turn can lead to a pool of water on the floor. In order to avoid so, check the rubber seal on the refrigerator door to make sure it is properly sealed. If you find that the problem is with seal only, then wash it with the combination of soap and warm water and apply a thin film of lubricant on it. You may need to replace the gaskets if the seal is found broken.

sidebysidedrainMonitor the Drain Pan: A cracked or a damaged drain pan can result in a leakage. Water is drained into the pan on a regular basis to prevent water pooling in the fridge. Pull out and inspect it for any cracks or damage. If you find it broken or cracked, you need to replace it on urgent basis to avoid more leakage.

Check the Defrost Drain: If a refrigerator is leaking from inside, then it’s sure that the problem is with your defrost drain. A freezer produces condensation on a regular basis and when defrost is done, the condensation drips down into the defrost drain. It can become clogged with debris or may even freeze down. Locate the drain and take appropriate measures to unclog it. Replace it, if you find it damaged.

Inspect Your Ice Maker: The last quick fix that can solve your problem is, an ice maker. Though it may sound unusual, but many a times the water line to the ice maker become loose, thereby letting water to enter inside the freezer. Tighten all connections coming to and fro of the ice maker to avoid water leaks.

If all these basic quick fixes doesn’t work, or if you are unable to find the source of leakage, then there is definitely a need to hire an appliance repair technician to get the problem solved. Appliance repair Oakville is a leading appliance troubleshoot service provider in Ontario. Its licensed and insured technicians are capable of repairing any type of appliances including a leaky fridge.