Dryer And Washing Machine Maintenance And Cleaning Tips By Appliance Repair Oakville

Dryer and washers, are two very most important things in our life. These both home appliances require more attention and have to be systematically clean as well. Sometimes, understanding the problem of your dryer or washing is very difficult.

Appliance repair and installation professionals in Oakville share some important dryer and washer repair tips with you. After reading this article, you can keep your washing machine and dryer for years for longer. These tips help to improve the performance of your dryer or washing machine.

overloadwashingmachine1. Do not overload the dryer and washing machine: Some people think that they save time with squeeze two or more loads into the washing machine or dryer. But, in reality they get something else as a result. Overloading the washing machine or dryer can cause of breakdown. Overloading is the main reason of a breakdown. To provide the long life line to your washing machine and dryer, you need to avoid overloading.

fabric-softener-1146932. Use liquid fabric softener: Whether you used fabric dryer sheets or liquid detergent, fabric softener is the best option to keep your fabric soft and add a fragrance to your clothes. Dryer sheets are very cheaper and they leave wrinkles on your clothes after laundry, but liquid fabric softener removes all the wrinkles very well.

cleaning20dryer20of20lint-838x0_q67_crop-smart3. Clean the lint filter: Lint can be harmful for washer and dryers. That’s why every washing machine and dryer has lint filter. After every wash, it is compulsory that you clean the lint filter very carefully. Sometimes, a lint filter fails to catch all debris or dust or lint during the washing process. You can find this dust in the other parts of the dryer or washing machine like hose and in the ventilation system.

dryer-repair4. Clean the dryer outside and inside: Whether you have gas dryer or electronic dryer. Switch off the gas supply or unplug the dryer before clean it from inside and outside. Use high quality cleaner to clean it inside and outside. Make sure you have ample space between your washing machine and the wall. Your dryer or washing machine can become dirtier or may be this dirt transfer into your clothes, if you do not clean it or regular basis.

To get the best performance from your washing machine or dryer, it is necessary to pay an attention on your lovely appliance. Remember one thing, if you have any serious problem with your dryer or washing machine, do not try to fix it on your own. It is best to call an Appliance Repair Oakville. Our fully licensed, insured and bonded technician provides you peace of mind at very competitive cost.

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