How To Fix The Problems Of Fridge Or Refrigerator

155289640-300x300Appliances make your life easy by managing your daily chores. Your life can get in trouble if any of your appliance stops working. Sometimes, it seems like your appliance isn’t functioning as desired. It can be your refrigerator, dryer, air conditioner or so. May be your refrigerator unevenly chilling your food. There are many issues that an appliance can face and you need to troubleshoot the problem to make it work well.

These tips can help you fix your fridge or refrigerator:

1. Acknowledge the source of the problem: To fix any problem, the first step is to analyze its source and degree. If you are not able to determine the actual source of the problem, you’ll not be able to decide where to start to fix it. If you monitor your refrigerator regularly, you’ll be able to quickly find the source of the problem. Once you find the source, you can call appliance repair technician or if your problem is not so troublesome, try to fix it yourself.

2. Easy Fixes for an Ice Maker: If your ice maker is making small cubes of ice, it is in need of fixing. To fix it, First of all, check the water inlet tube. May be in low water pressure, the tube that supplies water to your ice maker might got plugged with ice. Sometimes, water freezes before reaching the ice maker, plugging it in the result.
Secondly, you can replace the water inlet valve. There’s an “inlet valve” at the back of your refrigerator that turns the water supply to ice maker on or off. Before replacing the valve, make sure water is flowing into it.

3. Your Refrigerator is Too Cold or Not Cold: Refrigerators should maintain a temperature of 36° to 40° F and the freezer should be 0 torefrigerator 5° F. If your refrigerator freezes your items, even at its lowest setting, the problem can be a defective temperature sensor or cold control.

Before calling an appliance repair person:

* Check the cold control. It must be set to cold.

* Listen for the sound of freezer fan inside freezer. Your refrigerator should be cool if your freezer is running to full control.

* Listen for sound of compressor fan. Along with freezer fan, the compressor fan should also work. If your compressor fan is not working, there will be little cooling.

4. Refrigerator is not working: Check its electric power cable. Make sure refrigerator plug is plugged into its receiving socket. The cold control should be set correctly. If the refrigerator is plugged and the cold control is set correctly but the device shows no signs of life, call an appliance repair person.

5. Leaks or rattle smells: If your refrigerator is smelling bad, unplug it and clean it thoroughly with soap and water. Scrub it with a solution of baking soda and water. If the smell doesn’t go away, take some charcoal in bowl and place it inside the refrigerator to absorb odors.