4 Tips To Fix a Leaking Refrigerator – Appliance Repair Oakville

fridge-leakingA leaky fridge is a sign indicating that something is going wrong with it. Most home-owners reaction to this problem is to call in for professional appliance repair services. They are not at all concerned to look into the problem at their own at least once. If you don’t count yourself among those who practice do-it-yourself techniques, then calling an expert is a good idea. Your refrigerator isn’t going to fix by its own, therefore you need to follow few simple tricks to diagnose the cause of problem before calling professionals.

Here we mention some tips which may be helpful to fix your leaking refrigerator

Make Sure Your Fridge is Properly Sealed:  Most of the times, the cause of a leaking fridge is never a leak. It may not be sealing properly, and therefore running overtime to keep things cool. This can result in excessive condensation of the coils, which in turn can lead to a pool of water on the floor. In order to avoid so, check the rubber seal on the refrigerator door to make sure it is properly sealed. If you find that the problem is with seal only, then wash it with the combination of soap and warm water and apply a thin film of lubricant on it. You may need to replace the gaskets if the seal is found broken.

sidebysidedrainMonitor the Drain Pan: A cracked or a damaged drain pan can result in a leakage. Water is drained into the pan on a regular basis to prevent water pooling in the fridge. Pull out and inspect it for any cracks or damage. If you find it broken or cracked, you need to replace it on urgent basis to avoid more leakage.

Check the Defrost Drain: If a refrigerator is leaking from inside, then it’s sure that the problem is with your defrost drain. A freezer produces condensation on a regular basis and when defrost is done, the condensation drips down into the defrost drain. It can become clogged with debris or may even freeze down. Locate the drain and take appropriate measures to unclog it. Replace it, if you find it damaged.

Inspect Your Ice Maker: The last quick fix that can solve your problem is, an ice maker. Though it may sound unusual, but many a times the water line to the ice maker become loose, thereby letting water to enter inside the freezer. Tighten all connections coming to and fro of the ice maker to avoid water leaks.

If all these basic quick fixes doesn’t work, or if you are unable to find the source of leakage, then there is definitely a need to hire an appliance repair technician to get the problem solved. Appliance repair Oakville is a leading appliance troubleshoot service provider in Ontario. Its licensed and insured technicians are capable of repairing any type of appliances including a leaky fridge.