4 Tips To Maintain High Efficiency in Washing Machines | Appliance Repair Oakville

depositphotos_22620507_xsNowadays, typical old washers are being replaced with modern and high efficiency washing machines that uses less water, detergent and consumes less energy. Owing such an efficient machine requires utmost maintenance and care to perform properly. It’s extremely important to clean it after every use, to avoid costly one time services.

It is also advised to follow the user manual to find the proper amount of detergent and softener that should be used to avoid any build up in the machine. If a washer is causing serious problem or isn’t performing as desired, then there is need to call an appliance repair company Oakville to find out the main reason for its malfunctioning.

Few tips that can help in keeping a machine clean and odor free are:

1. The Drum: It is a crucial part which is responsible for proper functioning of a washer. It is important to clean the drum from the interior along with the doors. A good quality cleaner can be used for better results. Sprinkle the cleaner onto the drums and doors and use a cloth to wipe it for thorough cleaning.

2. The Rubber Seal: You can find a rubber seal around the doors which is used for the closing purpose. Clean that rubber seal to remove any dust or dirt. To do this properly, first clean it from outside and then pull the seal out and clean it from beneath. Vinegar solution or bleach can offer good results. Use any of them to clean the grim where seal was put on.

3. The Detergent Tray: For efficient cleaning, the detergent tray should be kept clean. In order to clean it, remove the tray pieces from the washer and soak them in a bucket full of hot and soapy water. You can even add bleach into hot water to remove any mold growth or lint. This is a simple process and doesn’t consume much time.

4. The Detergent Compartment: Most of the high efficiency washing machines consists of a detergent compartment which should be kept clean. To clean this compartment properly, a spray bottle filled with vinegar can be used. Spray vinegar over the compartment and use a clean and dry cloth to wipe that solution.

5. The Clean Cycle: After cleaning all these components, allow the machine to run on the clean cycle to provide complete cleaning. Hot water or a specifically designed product for cleaning purpose can be used for good results.  

washer-repair-update-250x150These were the few tips to maintain a modern washer. Following these tips regularly can help in enhancing performance of a high efficiency washing machine. You’ll need to hire an appliance repair professional, if it isn’t working well despite of regular maintenance.

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