5 Quick Dishwasher Tips Helps To Work Efficiently | Appliance Repair Oakville

dishwasher-repair-300x200A dishwasher has turned up as a must have kitchen appliance. It not only saves hard work but also helps in sparing time. It can save 6-7 hours a week which would have got wasted washing dishes by hand at least twice a day. It offers a considerable chunk of family time each week, which makes it quite worthy.

Modern dishwashers are designed with an aim to dissolve tension as well as greasy dishes. But they are of advantage only till they work well. So, its advised to maintain these washers so as to save time and reduce work load.

Few tips that are helpful in avoiding dishwasher repairs are:

1. Remove food: An important tip that should always be kept in mind is to remove as much food as possible before putting dishes in the dishwasher. Scrape the leftover food in a garbage disposal or a bin after you have finished eating. This will avoid less food to get caught in the washer filter.

2. Pre rinsing: Pre rinsing is not so important and is a personal decision based on the model of the appliance and the type of detergent you use. But its recommended rinsing the oily dishes before loading them for a wash. Detergents are made to remove residue, and that’s the reason rinsing is not so necessary.

b000gcpzu2_cascade_201310085_4627_lg3. Detergent: A detergent can enhance or degrade the cleaning efficiency. A cheap quality washing powder can cause a build up inside the washer. Before using a detergent for first time, try a little amount of it to check how it works on dishes.

4. Loading: The manner of loading a dishwasher makes a big difference to its cleaning efficiency. Plates and pans should be loaded on the bottom rack with dirty side facing inwards. Cutlery should be placed in the cutlery holder facing upside. Put the cups, glasses and bowls on the top rack facing down. Large utensils should be put on the sides or back of the bottom rack. Avoid blocking or breaking the water dispenser and washer arms.

5. Rinse agent: A rinse agent is used for rinsing away any leftover detergent and food residue. It also helps in drying the dishes and reducing water spots. A good quality rinse detergent or vinegar can be used for good results.

These were the 5 helpful dishwasher maintenance tips that can be considered for better cleaning efficiency. Appliance Repair Oakville is a renowned company that offers highly reliable troubleshoot solutions for all types of home appliances.