3 Easy Dishwasher Rack Fixes and Hacks – Appliance Repair Oakville


Dishwasher Racks

A dishwasher rack is designed to serve for few years compared to life of a washer itself. The coated wire racks inside it tends to develop problems soon after the warranty period of one or two years passes away. Once it starts to corrode, there is need to repair and maintain it with utmost care to avoid more damages. If not maintained properly, it may ask for costly appliance replacement spare parts depending upon the brand and model of the dishwasher.

Some fixes for common rack issues are:

1. Protect Rusted Areas

A dish rack is usually coated with vinyl coating to protect it from rust. With regular usage, this coat may wear away, leaving the underneath metal to have direct contact with hot water and steam. This can lead to rusting mechanism which degrades the life of a dish rack. The rust elements may get onto the utensils during wash cycle that can risk the health and hygiene of a family. There is need to fix the rusted spots with a specialized rubber or silicone coating that can protect it from further corrosion.

2. Repair Damaged Spikes

With prolonged usage, the rack tines or spikes may crack away, which often risks dishes for damage during wash cycles. Don’t ignore the cracked or rusted tips of the tines, as these cracks may turn into larger ones that can damage the spikes. Order or purchase a dishwasher repair kit that consists of a vinyl repair paint along with rubber tips that are manufactured to slip over the ends of the tines. Apply these rubber products to ensure a smooth and rust free tine surface. Then, apply the vinyl paint over them to ensure more protection and new looks.

3. Fix Sliding Racks

In most of the dishwashers, the rack slide out on its own as soon as the door is opened. It often consists of a series of wheels or rollers that help a rack to move within a track by sliding in and out. If the brackets that hold the track in place are damaged or loose, the rack won’t remain at its place. In few cases, gravity can be the cause of unwanted movement. If a dishwasher is placed at a tilted position, the rack may roll out whenever the door is opened. The solution for this problem is adjusting the appliance in a proper manner.

Damage to dish racks doesn’t always point for replacing the whole dishwasher. These were the few easy fixes for damaged racks. If none of these fixes work, then there’s need to call a dishwasher repair expert to solve out the issue. Appliance Repair Oakville is a renowned company that offers a wide range of appliance installation, maintenance and repair solutions at affordable costs in Oakville.