5 Top Tips to Increase Refrigerator Efficiency

Refrigerator is the most common appliance that is found in every home. Though it has a good life, it is not guaranteed that it will run with same efficiency for whole of its life. Regular maintenance is something which is needed by every appliance to work properly. The other way to increase efficiency is using an appliance in appropriate way or up to a level its designed for. Following the user manual instructions, can help in reducing the need of refrigerator repairs and cutting the energy bills.

Few easy ways to increase efficiency are:

1. Vacuum the Back

Cleaning is the first ever solution, when it comes to increasing the performance of a fridge. Exterior vacuuming is much more crucial compared to interior one. In order to vacuum, pull the appliance away from the wall and clean it. Most of the dust and dirt gets trapped on the condenser coils which are located behind the fridge. Once they are cleaned, the heat can be carried away easily without any resistance, thereby, causing motor to work less hard. This will result in decreasing the energy costs to a good extent.


Refrigerator Efficiency

2. Check the Door Seal

Loose door seals can result in loss of cooling and increased internal moisture. To check the seals, take a thin piece of paper and hold it next to the closed door, to see if it flutters. Try to insert the paper from the area of closing, if it passes inwards, this mean the seals are loose. Refrigerator seals are either of rubber or plastic material and can be replaced easily. If you find the replacement procedure complex, hire an appliance repair technician Oakville.

3. Cover Everything

Foods kept in fridge always carry moisture with them. Most possibly, the uncovered foods can cause moisture buildup and the compressor have to work twice harder to remove that moisture. Moreover, keeping the freezer open for a longer time can cause the outside air to enter inside, that can lead to more work for compressor. This ultimately leads to higher bills. For more efficiency, open the fridge at less as possible.

4. Let the Food Cool Before Putting it

Though it’s a matter of common sense, many of us don’t follow it. When someone is getting late for going out and the breakfast is hot to eat, he often practice the wrong method of keeping the dish inside to get it cooled down. Few people, are in habit of storing warm dishes for preservation. This causes the refrigerator to work double harder. Its advised to let the food cool down properly before placing it inside for storage.

5. Fill Empty Space with Water

Many of you wont believe, but an empty fridge uses more electricity compared to filled one. If there is quite empty space in your refrigerator, fill it with soda bottles or juice containers. This will help in keeping things cold and the fridge will not have to work hard.

These were the few easy tips that can help a refrigerator to perform efficiently. Oakville Appliance Repair is a leading company that offers a wide range of high quality and reliable home appliance troubleshoot and maintenance solutions including refrigerator repair service in Oakville.