How To Save Your Time And Money On Appliance Repair

Appliances are designed to perform and reduce your workload. They work continuously and hard year after year just for you. It can be a nightmare for you when any home appliances are in need of repair service. Dealing with the malfunctioning appliance is one of the best ways to save your money and time. It also helps to keep you from getting stressed out.

When an appliance stops working or breaks down, you may be completely at a loss. In such situation, you don’t have any idea that why it stopped working. Most of the people know that appliance repairs are expensive, that’s why they try to learn how to fix faulty home or kitchen appliances. It helps to save both, money and time. There are several tips that can help you save your hard earned money and time and also save you from fraud technicians.

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1. Know about the problem: First, consider the problem and know what you need to repair. Different appliances have different problems. To ensure the problem is not so big, make sure you have an extensive knowledge regarding appliance repair service. If you think that you are not able to diagnose the problem, call a licensed professional. A professional knows the best way to find out the problem easily.

2. Choose the appliance repair service quickly: It does not matter which of your appliances to create problems. It is important to call a local appliance repair technician for the instant help and prevent any other damage. Hiring a technician as soon as possible can protect you extra charges. If you delay your decision, it can lead to serious problems.

3. Check warranty period: If your faulty appliance is in a warranty period, it is good for you. When you purchased an electronic device, the company offer you a limited warranty period and also give you a toll free number. Call the toll free number and ask for the help. They will provide you repair or replacement service free of cost.

4. Research for the trustworthy company: A professional technician never charge you more than the fixed amount. Fraud companies always try to get more and more money from you. You can search online for the trustworthy and reliable company and ask about the service fees.

ge-dishwasher-repair5. Preventive maintenance: A regular maintenance can extend the life your electronic device. Simply clean your refrigerator, dishwasher and dryer on a regular basis can make this expensive appliances last longer. If you suspect any small problem during regular maintenance, fix it immediately.

Having problem with your electronic device can destroy your schedule. Given these simple tips can save your time and hard earned money. If you need a help of a professional, you can consult with Appliance Repair Oakville. Our professionals will assist you.

How To Fix The Problems Of Fridge Or Refrigerator

155289640-300x300Appliances make your life easy by managing your daily chores. Your life can get in trouble if any of your appliance stops working. Sometimes, it seems like your appliance isn’t functioning as desired. It can be your refrigerator, dryer, air conditioner or so. May be your refrigerator unevenly chilling your food. There are many issues that an appliance can face and you need to troubleshoot the problem to make it work well.

These tips can help you fix your fridge or refrigerator:

1. Acknowledge the source of the problem: To fix any problem, the first step is to analyze its source and degree. If you are not able to determine the actual source of the problem, you’ll not be able to decide where to start to fix it. If you monitor your refrigerator regularly, you’ll be able to quickly find the source of the problem. Once you find the source, you can call appliance repair technician or if your problem is not so troublesome, try to fix it yourself.

2. Easy Fixes for an Ice Maker: If your ice maker is making small cubes of ice, it is in need of fixing. To fix it, First of all, check the water inlet tube. May be in low water pressure, the tube that supplies water to your ice maker might got plugged with ice. Sometimes, water freezes before reaching the ice maker, plugging it in the result.
Secondly, you can replace the water inlet valve. There’s an “inlet valve” at the back of your refrigerator that turns the water supply to ice maker on or off. Before replacing the valve, make sure water is flowing into it.

3. Your Refrigerator is Too Cold or Not Cold: Refrigerators should maintain a temperature of 36° to 40° F and the freezer should be 0 torefrigerator 5° F. If your refrigerator freezes your items, even at its lowest setting, the problem can be a defective temperature sensor or cold control.

Before calling an appliance repair person:

* Check the cold control. It must be set to cold.

* Listen for the sound of freezer fan inside freezer. Your refrigerator should be cool if your freezer is running to full control.

* Listen for sound of compressor fan. Along with freezer fan, the compressor fan should also work. If your compressor fan is not working, there will be little cooling.

4. Refrigerator is not working: Check its electric power cable. Make sure refrigerator plug is plugged into its receiving socket. The cold control should be set correctly. If the refrigerator is plugged and the cold control is set correctly but the device shows no signs of life, call an appliance repair person.

5. Leaks or rattle smells: If your refrigerator is smelling bad, unplug it and clean it thoroughly with soap and water. Scrub it with a solution of baking soda and water. If the smell doesn’t go away, take some charcoal in bowl and place it inside the refrigerator to absorb odors.

4 Important Signs When Your Washing Machine Needs Repair & Maintenance

imageThe washing machine is the most important and usable appliance in the house. When it need repair service or it is not working properly, most of the people attempt to do repair service themselves. In order to repair your faulty washing machine, you need a help of a professional. When a washer creates problems that affect its performance and leads to many major problems for homeowners.

If you see the problem is serious, you need the attention of professional technician who has great knowledge of repair service. If you are thinking about to buy a new washing machine instead of repairing your current washer, consult with washing machine repair service provider and ask him. He will guide you with the right information.
Here are some signs that show you, it’s time to call a professional.

1. Excessive noise: If your washing machine creates a lot of noise when you use it, it could be a problem of balancing. You can fix this problem without the help of a professional. Just re-arrange your clothes in the right way and run your machine again. Also check the position of your washer and re-positioning its four feet. If still you hear an awkward noise, call qualified technician who troubleshoot the problem for you.

2. Excessive leaking: A leaking washing machine is the most common sign of a big problem. Leaking problem is the result of the loose connection or overflowing. To stop this problem finds the exact size of a load you put into your washing machine. If the problem is occurring due to a cracked tub, repair is not working on it. You will have to invest in a new washing machine.

washer-repair-update-250x1503. You have an older washing machine: The new washing machine can last for ten to fifteen years. So, it is better to start your search for a new washer model, if you have an older machine about ten or eleven years old. When a washer comes to an end, it creates many problems and consume a lot of electricity. Don’t waste your hard earned money on washing machine repair. Instead of repair you can buy a new one and it will help you save on electricity bill and repair.

4. Water does not fill the drum: If the drum is not filling up, there may be any problem with a hose or with hot and cold faucets. Check them first and find the problem. If none is the culprit, then may be water intake valve needs to be looked at by a certified professional.

By looking the malfunctioning signs in your washing machine, you will have plenty of options to repair it. If you are confused whether you need a new washing machine or not, you can contact to Appliance Repair Oakville. We will give you a better idea. 

What are the Advantages & Benefit Of The Dishwasher

drawer-dishwashersDishwasher is one of those modern products that has provided us a lot of convenience. A dishwasher brings so many benefits for you. It makes your life so easy and stress free. It is equipped with a rack that is used to store dishes. To wash all the dirty dishes, store them into the storage rack and start washing all the dishes automatically with this machine.

When you wash the dishes by hand, you wash them one by one and dry them. It is a very time consuming process but not with a dishwasher. After washing all the dishes, it continues the process of drying your cutlery.

Here are some cost effective reasons to use a dishwasher.

1. Save your time and efforts: Do you know you spend a lot of your time in washing dishes after every meal. Spending just a few minutes can save your time and effort. So, why not leave it to a dishwasher. Now, you can spend your well-earned time with your family or friends.
2. Cleaner crockery: Generally, you hear that there are so many germs in your kitchen. Your sink and garbage disposal bins collect many germs. If you wash your dishes in the sink with soap and water, you are merely giving them a germ bath. The sponge is the greatest source for bacteria and to eliminate all the germs from crockery, use of dishwasher is crucial.

3. It is safe: A dishwasher is safe for your fragile crockery such as glasses and plates. When you handle them with soapy hands, it could often be dropped and shattered. It means there are no chances of breakages with a dishwasher.

4. Save energy and water: A dishwasher machine uses less water than a hand wash. It also helps to cut down energy consumption. There are so many Eco smart models available in the market that save water and energy. Some models come with an A++ energy rating. These models really mitigate your energy bills.

5. Need a limited space: Have problem finding space for a dishwasher due to very less space in your kitchen? Slimline dishwasher is the solution to your problem.

6. It is easy to use: A dishwasher is as important as your other home appliances and is pretty easy to use too. Dishwasher. Young woman in the Kitchen doing Housework. Wash-upIt not only take less time to load and wash but it’s also easy to load and unload.

When you throw a party for your friends, washing dishes can be a daunting task for you. Don’t allow them to ruin your party. Make your life easier by using a energy efficient machine. If you are already having a dishwasher in your house but it’s not working, feel free to call us.

Dryer And Washing Machine Maintenance And Cleaning Tips By Appliance Repair Oakville

Dryer and washers, are two very most important things in our life. These both home appliances require more attention and have to be systematically clean as well. Sometimes, understanding the problem of your dryer or washing is very difficult.

Appliance repair and installation professionals in Oakville share some important dryer and washer repair tips with you. After reading this article, you can keep your washing machine and dryer for years for longer. These tips help to improve the performance of your dryer or washing machine.

overloadwashingmachine1. Do not overload the dryer and washing machine: Some people think that they save time with squeeze two or more loads into the washing machine or dryer. But, in reality they get something else as a result. Overloading the washing machine or dryer can cause of breakdown. Overloading is the main reason of a breakdown. To provide the long life line to your washing machine and dryer, you need to avoid overloading.

fabric-softener-1146932. Use liquid fabric softener: Whether you used fabric dryer sheets or liquid detergent, fabric softener is the best option to keep your fabric soft and add a fragrance to your clothes. Dryer sheets are very cheaper and they leave wrinkles on your clothes after laundry, but liquid fabric softener removes all the wrinkles very well.

cleaning20dryer20of20lint-838x0_q67_crop-smart3. Clean the lint filter: Lint can be harmful for washer and dryers. That’s why every washing machine and dryer has lint filter. After every wash, it is compulsory that you clean the lint filter very carefully. Sometimes, a lint filter fails to catch all debris or dust or lint during the washing process. You can find this dust in the other parts of the dryer or washing machine like hose and in the ventilation system.

dryer-repair4. Clean the dryer outside and inside: Whether you have gas dryer or electronic dryer. Switch off the gas supply or unplug the dryer before clean it from inside and outside. Use high quality cleaner to clean it inside and outside. Make sure you have ample space between your washing machine and the wall. Your dryer or washing machine can become dirtier or may be this dirt transfer into your clothes, if you do not clean it or regular basis.

To get the best performance from your washing machine or dryer, it is necessary to pay an attention on your lovely appliance. Remember one thing, if you have any serious problem with your dryer or washing machine, do not try to fix it on your own. It is best to call an Appliance Repair Oakville. Our fully licensed, insured and bonded technician provides you peace of mind at very competitive cost.